I grew up in a military family, which means we moved. A lot.

My dad put a guitar in my hands at the age of 8, and it was one of the only consistencies I had every time we moved.

When our family finally settled in West Michigan, I found myself right in the middle of an incredible emerging scene for music and the arts. I quickly went from just dabbling in music, photography and film to having it become my life purpose.

I’m in love with creating - capturing moments, feelings, memories and putting them into a photograph, a song, or a piece of digital art.

I’m in love with performing, no matter if it’s on a stage or behind a camera - my goal is to bring a positive, welcoming energy to everything I touch.

Whether you’re booking me to photograph your wedding, film a product showcase, or perform at a venue - I can’t wait to create a beautiful space with you.

Thank you