by Loren Johnson

This was an EP I created in 2015 and published in January of 2016.

I was 18 when it was finished and I was so happy to have a real record - made with the help of longtime friend and sound engineer Bleu VanDyke out of Third Coast Recording Company in Grand Haven, MI.

This album goes through how I was feeling after finishing my senior year of high school and spending 6 months in Australia afterward; it’s almost worthy of being called a coming-of-age album - for myself as a person, and myself as a musician.

It’s very bare-bones, and I remember being very proud to have made all the sounds you hear on this short Extended Play myself (with the advice and guidance of Bleu, of course.)

I’ve definitely outgrown this collection of songs, and have since moved it to be solely available on Soundcloud while I work on my first full-length album.